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It's been a journey filled with wonder, struggle, faith, forgiveness, purpose, healings, and more, supported by grace and guidance. 


For thirty-plus years, I have engaged steadily in the practice of self-healing methods with an integrative wellness approach to healing my whole-self.   

Integrative Wellness Approach 

With an integrative wellness approach to healing, I have had the honor to serve hundreds of clients who were afflicted, addicted, and downtrodden, crawling their way out to improve their lives, either for health reasons or seeking higher purpose.   


My mission is to help others make important, life-changing, positive shifts, by going deeper into healing wounds and spiral-up reaching higher levels of consciousness. As a result, the end-game is to enjoy greater health on the continuum of wellness with meaning and purpose in the world.  

It was Albert Einstein who said, “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” It’s for this very reason, I believe the most important aspect we can share with each other is KNOWLEDGE in order to gain new ways in which we look at the world and dare to make it a better place! 


From a spiritual practitioner’s point-of-view, I am sharing with you practical, hands-on, proven self-healing methods for clearing attachments, limiting beliefs, toxic trauma, and raising lower levels of consciousness.


I am not a medical professional nor do I claim to treat mental or physical illness. Such human conditions belong to the care of medical professionals and for science to conquer and solve. Or, from the opposite end of the spectrum, for a Loving Spirit to annul. Yes, to annul. To wipe away adverse conditions or what are known as miraculous healings, i.e. when God annuls the time between when the illness first developed to when we were healthy or made perfect in the image of God.  


Real Life Healing is a destination for sharing HEALING KNOWLEDGE as it merges spirituality and science to improve our health and wellbeing. It's where we learn to access our innate abilities to self-heal, all-the-while making informed decisions with what's right for us in this modern world of contemporary medicine. 


Please enjoy and grow spiritually with self-healing methods and real-life healing scenarios shared via Podcasts, Healing Lessons, Group Coaching, Articles, and Books. It is all here to self-heal and out grow old problems at new levels of consciousness for the sake of health and wellbeing.


To make a positive change within ourselves is a mighty contribution

to making the world a better place for everyone.  


Wishing you peace, joy, and love! 

~ Kat McCarthy



Kathleen R. McCarthy 

Certified Integrative Holistic Health, Energy Medicine University.  

Advanced Corporate Coaching Certification, Corporate Coach U. 

248-321-9200 |


Kat McCarthy 

Certified Integrative Holistic Health, Energy Medicine University.  

Advanced Corporate Coaching Certification, Corporate Coach U. 

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