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Undoing Phase

Updated: Aug 14, 2022

What appears to be more crisis really isn’t. It is an undoing phase. Be prepared for things to look worse before they get better. Make no major decisions while in mid-stream. Everything has to be un-done in order to be made right according to the grace of God’s will. When you surrender to the process and turn your life over to the will of God, know that everything has already been taken care of. Make sure you get out of the way, as you are going through a transformation for the new you to emerge. Know that your truth has been declared to the Universe. Everything will be corrected. There is nothing you have to do other than to take note that the Universe is conspiring for your greatest good. From this point on, everything is merely a correction. Know that when you have this type of awareness, all is in the best interest of your personal well- being, no matter what unfortunate circumstances occur. Have presence of mind to see the change inside of yourself and around you as it is happening. Try not to make decisions before the best decision becomes obvious. If someone else is making decisions for you, trust they are using inner guidance. If not, know that these decisions may prove to carry no weight in the future. Trust that you are being cared for, as these decisions are coming from a power greater than yourself. There is great power in this process. Everything will begin to change. Expect change to come even in the form of good pain or illness, because the stress you have been carrying has to come out of your body at some point.


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