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What You Feel is Real

Updated: Aug 14, 2022

Excerpts from An Inspiring Memoir of Healing & Purpose.

Chapter One: Dream Journal

It begins in the basement of my home. As I walk down the stairs, I see water flooding the cement floor, about four inches high. They are unclean waters. The water swishes back and forth, hitting the walls as if caused by the pull of a turbulent storm. In the center, I spot the drain.

A woman’s voice directs me by saying, “Run for the plunger and work the drain.” As I do, the water level lowers; and as soon as it does, shockingly, a woman rises from the drain. It’s eerie.

Somehow, I fly up onto a balcony to the far left of my basement room. The woman, who told me to get the plunger, ap- pears and stands close to my right. We both look down at the woman rising from the drain, who casts a glow that lights up the room. She has slightly curly, strawberry-blonde, shoulder- length hair and is dressed in a white gown. She’s in enormous pain. As she cries out, she begins to burn up inside. I know she is going to die. I can see the fire’s flames when she opens her mouth.

With great inner strength and certainty, the woman next to me whispers, “We need to tell Linda we love her and that it’s going to be okay.” She adds, “When Linda releases her pain, she will save others.” Then she says, “Linda will die.” So, together, we both yell out at the top of our lungs, “We love you, Linda.” Linda hears us and cries out with more pain. I can feel her fear of dying.

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