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The Miracle of Being You

Updated: Aug 14, 2022

When you’re doing the work you love, the energy of the heart flows freely and vitalizes your entire body. There’s absolute joy and a true sense of giving and receiving. It’s as if you’re in sync with the rhythm of the Universe when you unleash the greatest potential and that’s you. You’re personal and professional lives melt into one. There are no dividers. You’re living authentically as one. No false-self. Everything is out in the open with only mystery and excitement ahead.

The secret is to search for what really matters. Connect with all your senses and go really deep in your heart. Listen to what your heart is asking. Feel what your heart is wanting. See what your heart is showing you.

When you shift your belief system, suddenly, everything has meaning. You establish a foundation of Truth about you. When you’re in alignment with purpose, you feel more grounded. Everything comes alive. You're supported by the Universe. Even with what you think are insignificant jobs, they collectively make up a part of who you are and your life-purpose. Everything is made good because you are honoring God's perfect image of how you're made and that's the miracle of you.


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