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Detoxing Trauma & Energy Healing  

$240 | Three Month Program

Video Lessons & Monthly Group Coaching  

Focuses on the human energy system with self-healing video lessons and group coaching. Learn how to apply energy healing methods to release stress and trauma. Shift your consciousness away from old survival tactics to new realities of health and wellness. Self-Paced Video Lessons, Downloadable Workbook Exercises and Slideshow DecksGroup Coaching Sessions meet the fourth Tuesday of each month from 7PM to 8PM (EST).  

Video Lessons Include:

Module 1:  Vision Planning

Module 2:  Shifting Your Consciousness

Module 3:  Muscle Testing

Module 4:  The Anatomy of Energy

Module 5:  Energy Coach Tapping: I am Enough

Module 6:  Relationship Stress Relief

Module 7:  Dream Healing

Module 8:  Effects of Trauma & the Energy Centers

Module 9:  Releasing the Toxic Energy of Trauma

Module 10: Transference & Cellular Kenosis

Module 11:  Healing Grief & Sadness  

Module 12:  Environmental Wellness

Energy Healing & Toxic Trauma Release

Energy Healing & Toxic Trauma Release

Energy Healing & Toxic Trauma Release
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Module 1:  Vision Planning

Module 1: Vision Planning

Module 2:  Shifting Your Consciousness

Module 2: Shifting Your Consciousness

Module 3:  Muscle Testing

Module 3: Muscle Testing

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